More than Food Safety. More than Food Quality. We build Sustainable Systems.

If you want to maximise business efficiencies, lead your food industry sector and minimise risks to your business, then you've come to the right place. We are Alimentex, an Asia Pacific based food industry consultancy with successful clients across the globe. And we can do for your business the same thing we do for theirs: Combine experience, discovery, strategy and development to maximise your Return on Innovation? Come on in…


Alimentex = Strategy + Innovation + Development x Experience


We are experts in Food Safety and Quality development, documentation and implementation and we've provided our clients with top-notch support since 2000. We specialize in innovative solutions to produce superb, tailored Food Safety and Quality outcomes delivered on-time, under-budget and within specified parameters.


And because our process is results-driven we work backward to discover what your Food Safety and Quality scenarios really need and then engage them with outstanding assistance that serve their needs and save you time, effort and money.


What can we do for you? We'll investigate your business. We'll create a profile of your perfect Food Safety and Quality goals. Then we'll help you to create Food Safety and Quality outcomes that maximize their effectiveness.    


We give you more for less…


Some Food Safety and Quality Consultancies are more interested in making money that providing top notch services to their clients… but not Alimentex! We have a mandate to ensure our clients receive the best Return on Commitment possible through their interactions with us. We will work with you to achieve Food Safety and Quality greatness throughout the scope of your business operation.


Need some bedtime reading? Regardless of whether you are a client or not, we welcome you to download a copy of FHCS: Food Safety Management... Click here!