Alimentex launches haccp.com!

Brisbane, QLD, Australia – August 15, 2017 – haccp.com, a website that provides food businesses and food industry professionals with a unique set of online resources, today announced its formal launch. haccp.com was created to support food businesses and food industry professionals in achieving and maintaining the stringent requirements of food industry compliance. The haccp.com website is accompanied by a mobile app that allows users to access key information and resources on the go.


It's free to register and if your business facilitates TRAINING, CONSULTANCY, PRODUCTS or SERVICES, EVENTS or FOOD TESTING AND ANALYSIS to the Food Sector, you can list your business for a limited time at 50% off the standard rate!


“We’ve been working on this project since 2007 and are delighted to see it come to fruition. The haccp.com project is very important to us as it allows our clients to quite literally save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars each year in the management of their best practice food safety and quality programs” said Aron Malcolm, managing director of Alimentex. “One of the things that makes us unique among all other food compliance specialists is our ongoing commitment to our clients and the food sector in general. We’ve invested well over 3/4 of a million dollars to develop the world’s premier online food safety and quality resources.”


haccp.com also gives users access to 4 other related websites, each with its own unique theme, covering Food Sector News, Suppliers and Service Providers, Approved Supplier Management, Certification, Information, Customisable Food Safety and Quality Program Manuals and Checklists, HACCP plans, Flexible Training for Food Industry Participants, and a HACCP Jobs Board.


“foodindustrycompliance.com allows Users to create Internal Audit Checklists at the click of a button to covering the scope of their business operation. One of the many unique functions on our platform is called My Food Safety and Quality Program (MYFS&Q). This first of its kind system allows Premium Users to create a fully tailored, fully functional, fully editable Food Safety and Quality Program which meets the requirements of key international Food Standards. What makes our system truly revolutionary is that at the click of a button, the User can apply the updates submitted by or team of professionals so as Food Standards change and evolve, so does your MYFS&Q with minimal effort” said Aron. “You can also train and assess your staff using our fully integrated proprietary Training Matrix System powered by Alimentex”.


“approvedsuppliernetwork.com is your one stop for online Approved Supplier Management. We’ve taken the hard work of managing your Approved Suppliers. Use our system to find existing or new suppliers and request access to their Approved Supplier Documentation online. The system will remind document owners and their customers of pending expiry. Suppliers also benefit by only having to upload their current Approved Supplier Documentation once, after which any of their Approved Customers can freely access these. You can also send and receive Approved Supplier Questionnaires through our platform.”


“certificationbodyfinder.com makes requesting Certification Quotations a breeze. Imagine the time your business will save when you can request Certification Quotations from multiple Certification Bodies at the click of a button” Aron said.


A seasoned high-risk food safety auditor and reputable consultant, Aron has visited over 4500 food businesses in over 35 countries during the past 17 years. Because of his extensive background in the food compliance sector, Aron knows exactly what it takes to develop, document, and maintain systems which meet the abundance of Regulatory, Industry and Customer Standards. “Too many food businesses that waste their time, effort and budget on advice and resources that don’t genuinely meet their needs. Our platform is agile and flexible so it can be successfully applied alongside existing food safety programs, or indeed as part of a comprehensive new program. Whether you’re a small mom and dad business, or a large multi-national conglomerate, you will gain substantial savings from using our resources” said Aron.


Food industry suppliers, service providers and professionals can also market themselves by listing their details on haccp.com. Listings are available to users of haccp.com, and are also available through our network of over 2000 food industry websites. “It certainly is a unique opportunity for food businesses and professionals to have such a niche marketing outlet for their products and services, directed squarely at the food industry” said Aron.


Founded in 2000, Alimentex is an experienced and reputable food industry consultancy with clients around the globe. Alimentex specializes in improving food compliance outcomes through the creation of efficiency and superior system integration. For more information, call +61 07 30409222 or visit http://www.alimentex.com